Product Review for the Lennox iComfort E30 Thermostat

An Internal View of this Smart Thermostat

Lennox iComfort E30

Lennox iComfort E30 Thermostat

Lennox International is just one of the three brands considered superior a/c and heating equipment manufacturers in the United States

Similar to the other two, Trane and Carrier, they produce base and mid-tier AC units much like all the various other major brands. What makes them unique is that these three companies are competitively developing enhancements to their equipment and accessorial technology with the goal of achieving best in class ratings. Thermostats are one of those accessories allowing cutting edge development to improve system performance that manufacturers are building themselves, rather than using the thermostats independently available in the marketplace.

Robert Shaw, White Rodgers and Honeywell have historically been the go-to companies for thermostats. They are very reliable and offer an extensive variety of options, ranging from basic functionality to exceptionally advanced.

Additions of Nexia, Nest, Sensi, as well as Various Other A/C Thermostats

In the last few years, we have actually seen several newer companies invigorating the thermostat offerings, including Nexia, Nest, and Emerson’s Sensi thermostat (among others). Each outdoing the other with most recent development of Wi-Fi, Geo-Fencing, Weather Reporting, Humidity Control, Compatibility with Alexa, as well as the capability of displaying hi-def photos. In actuality, any of these units will perform well and meet your needs.

Research each brand and review their individual features to determine which type suits your lifestyle best. For the most part, you’ll find them similar, however there may be particular features you’ll find useful over others. You’ll find each has their own strengths.

The iComfort E30 Thermostat Functions with Various Other Brand A/C Systems

Every one of the significant manufacturers currently develop equipment versions that must use their own proprietary thermostat, partially to boost their bottom line, but also because of the advanced requirements for built-in electronics and communications inherent in modern systems. The transition of HVAC systems from mechanical to electronic functionality has necessitated the development of specific algorithms which require thermostats work in concert with the equipment.

The E30 was created and designed to specifically function with the iComfort S30, it’s counterpart. The S30 will only work with Lennox systems and does not work with other brands or models requiring a proprietary thermostat. It’s an amazing unit developed with the feedback of HVAC Contractors from the entire United States. The E30 was developed as a universal solution, to work with other brands.

Key Features of the iComfort E30

  • 7 ″ HD color capacitive touchscreen that is easy to view and browse
  • 7-Day local climate and air quality projection displays on screen
  • Screen savers present current regional outside weather conditions
  • Unique magnetic mount lock alternative enables the screen to be easily taken from the wall, to be held like a tablet
  • The Smart Away ™ setting uses geo-fencing technology coupled with your mobile device for an easy energy savings option
  • Schedule IQ ™ enables a 7-day program to be embedded in three simple actions (works in combination with Smart Away mode to override a power cost savings option when you’re not home and go back to the preferred program after you get home.
  • Allergen Defender ™ mode incorporates the local air quality forecast (based upon along with your zip code, to automatically adjust the system’s fan speed to improve air filtration when the outdoor air quality is degraded.
  • Feels Like ™ setting reacts to the interior temperature, outside temperature level, and the level of humidity in your home, and adjusts itself to precisely meet the desired “feels like” setting you’ve established.
  • Alexa ® as well as is Apple HomeKit ® compatibility allows the iComfort E30 to be regulated via voice commands you give the devices.
  • Enables you to offer permission-based access to your installing service provider and/or Lennox tech to provide remote diagnostics of the devices if there is an issue or fault.
  • System use reports with per hour, daily, and also regular monthly power reporting.

Operates with Most A/C & Home Heating Units

As a universal solution, the E30 works well with the majority of HVAC systems; those that don’t require a proprietary thermostat, including multi-stage heating and cooling units along with the more fundamental single-speed units.

What is the Cost?

The iComfort M30 can be found as low as $450 on-line. The M30 is the budget friendly version of the E30, equal in performance, but more cost effective. They’re not quite the same, having different dimensions and features, however Contractors find them effective from both a cost and expense perspective.

The most cost effective way to obtain an E30 is by purchasing it as an upgrade when installing a new unit. Your installer would have already built in the cost of a digital thermostat so the upgrade will be significantly less than purchasing the unit on its own. A new iComfort E30, installed with a parts warranty, will run approximately $700-800. As shocking as that may be, it’s a huge upgrade from what we’ve seen in the past and well worth the additional investment.

If you shop around for thermostat options, you’ll find the Lennoz iComfort E30 isn’t the most expensive option. There are thermostats available costing nearly $1000, installed.


While there are a variety of smart wi-fi thermostats in the marketplace today with some of the very same functions as the E30 such as wi-fi accessibility, geo-fencing (the thermostat connects with your cellular phone to identify when you are home or not at the residence), as well as Alexa compatibility, the E30 elevates thermostat functionality to an entirely new degree.

Perhaps the best function of the E30 is the Feels Like ™ mode. When you consider “wind chill” and also “heat index” you can relate why the “feels like” function allows this thermostat to maintain your home more comfortably as compared to any other. In the HVAC sector we refer to temperature level without taking into consideration humidity as “dry bulb temperature” and with humidity as “wet bulb temperature.” We “feel” the humidity in addition to the dry bulb temperature level, so this attribute offers one of the most comfortable office or home environments rather than thermostats that lack this feature.

Where Can I Purchase a the iComfort E30 Smart Thermostat?

Many service requests result from individuals purchasing a thermostat online, however installation proved problematic. They can be wired incorrectly, resulting in damage to unit components that can cost significantly more than professional installation would have.

It is highly recommended that you contact a professional installer for their expertise, but also for the warranty you’ll receive from the contractor. You’ll probably save money and time by ordering the thermostat from a professional contractor who can acquire and install it, as well as receive the warranty from the contractor. Whether you save money or not, you will definitely receive a correctly installed thermostat without damaging any part of your system.



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