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For some reason, the majority of our reviews, 33 of 38 are hidden in their filtered results. They only show visitors a few of our customer reviews and then average those to give us a lower star rating. Below is a link to the filtered reviews on Yelp for Ewing Air Conditioning & Heating in Wylie Texas so you can verify what we are saying. Here on our site, we put them in most recent order, good and bad, so you can see our current performance as rated by our Yelp customers. ==> Also be sure to check our 5 Star Rating and 50+ Reviews on Google
5 Star Rating Testimonials9/5/2013 – Robert T. – AC System Replacement Garland, TX
It was a Saturday afternoon and we had about 20 people over at our house watching football. It was obvious by 3pm that there was a major issue with the AC. I called Mr. Ewing based on the recommendation of a friend. He answered and was over the next day to look at the problem (on a Sunday! of a holiday weekend!). It was pretty clear that the entire system needed to be replaced. Inside coils, outside compressor, furnace and duct work. First thing we did was some calculations to ensure that we picked the proper system. After deciding what need to be done, he gave me a range of options and prices. I decided on a 5 ton 16 seer unit from Trane. He was also going to do some duct work. After working on a quote he gave me a price, of course I negotiated some and we agreed on a price. Installation was set for Tuesday after labor day. Mr. Ewing and his crew showed up on time and got right to work. Mr. Ewing was not there the whole time (I figured that would be the case) but he did show up multiple times though the day. The duct work ended up being much worse than expected, instead of charging me more, he agreed to still do the work for the same price. That was a real bonus. The 4 guys working took just over 12 hours to complete the job. By the time they were done, the house was cooling very well. They took extra time to clean and make sure that we were happy with everything. I highly recommend Mr. Ewing for any HVAC issues! On a side note, I was later speaking to one of my neighbors who had a very similar system installed. He paid ~$2000 more!
5 Star Rating Testimonials8/12/2013 – Sean B. – AC Repair Wylie, TX
I woke up this morning to discover that my air conditioner had stopped working. I did a quick Google search for Air Conditioner repair companies in my area and thought Ewing Air Conditioning & Heating looked promising. I did not know what to expect as I figured it was Summer time and everyone would be booked and thought we would be without A/C for at least a few days. That was completely not the case as I called Ewing very early (prior to 8am) and received a call back in minutes. David was able to talk me through some steps over the phone to at least keep the house cool by keeping the fan running. Within hours, he was at our house and had our air conditioner back up at and running like new. David was very friendly and knowledgeable and explained what had happened and even walked me through preventative maintenance steps as well. David was very courteous and I highly recommend Ewing Air Conditioning & Heating for all your A/C & Heating needs. My wife and I will definitely be using them again!
5 Star Rating Testimonials8/10/2013 – Gary J. – AC Repair Plano, TX
Julie & Gary John – Murphy, TX. This place is as good as it gets ! our AC was on the blink and it was HOT on a Saturday afternoon. We called a place in Plano, waited 4 hours and then were told they were too busy to come out. We called about 4 other places, who advertised as “emergency 24 hour service,” but they either didn’t call us back or said they were too busy. Then we found EWING A/C in Wylie. David Ewing came out within 30 minutes and had us fixed up within an hour. He didn’t leave till right before 9 p.m. – and this was a Saturday night. He was very nice and professional, very honest and told us what we should do in the future to keep our AC unit running at its best. His price was reasonable and he didn’t charge extra for coming late on a Saturday night. I really feel blessed we found him on the internet. He definitely deserves a 5+ star rating. We would recommend him to everyone. He is now our go-to AC man – we won’t call anyone else again. You really don’t find too many people who provide this kind of customer service.
5 Star Rating Testimonials8/9/2013 – Brian V. AC Service Wylie, TX
I had David come out and do some major work in the attic a few yrs ago and drop an extra vent in the master and it’s been humming ever since… until 7pm on a fri during aug when what was apparently a bad door switch took out my entire system. He was at my house in 20 mins and gone in 5 with the ac blowing cold. They will always be the best price and service you could ever ask for from any company. I’ll never use anyone else.
5 Star Rating Testimonials8/7/2013 – Josh Y. – AC Compressor Wylie, TX
Our air conditioning stopped working on a hot summer morning. Called David and he was able to troubleshoot the problem with the ac in a quick and professional manner. Turns out the compressor was bad on our unit and he was able to get another unit installed before the end of the day. He gave me a price and it was exactly what he quoted. David and his crew provided me with first class service in repairing my ac problem. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs quick and professional air conditioning service!! Thanks Ewing for all you did.
5 Star Rating Testimonials8/2/2013 – Rene R. – AC Service Wylie, TX
As a single mom, who actually knows quite a bit about home repair and maintenance, I have become quite accustomed to repair people assuming I m ignorant and try to take advantage of my situation. I usually roll my eyes and send them on their way. My experience with David Ewing was very pleasant, to say the least. He answers his own phone and makes his own appointments. He s the owner folks, and that just isn’t the norm anymore. He s knowledgeable, straightforward, and trustworthy, and that is certainly not the norm anymore, either! His service was same day, and subsequent visits were always on time. He never talked down to me and was very polite and professional. David Ewing is made of the stuff that forges life-long relationships with his customers. He s got one for life in me!
5 Star Rating Testimonials7/26/2013 – John V. – New Air Conditioning System Wylie, TX
My A/C quit cooling in July. We needed service fast and I wanted to do business with someone local that I could trust and had good reviews and ratings on their work. Searching the web we found Ewing Air with a local address and phone. The owner, David Ewing answered and offered to come by and check my unit. The outside compressor had failed and not worth investing in repairs. David explained the options I had regarding replacing old technology or choosing a more efficient and cost effective system for my home. He was very knowledgeable and informative, answering all my questions. His quotation was very competitive and they did the job starting the next morning. His team was fast, very neat and clean and knew exactly what they were doing. They worked the whole day and finished a very professional installation that cooled wonderfully. Mr. Ewing runs a professional operation and is proud of his company and reputation. I recommend him and will call him again if I need his service John V.
5 Star Rating Testimonials7/16/2013 – Vivian D. – New AC System Rowlett, TX
My husband was out of town and the ac went out for the house. I talked to my husband and he said we should just replace the whole system. I first called 4 different places to get quotes and they were all around $7000. Then I called Ewing because a friend of mine said they were great. He quoted me $4800 for the entire system and 10 year warranty. I could not believe the difference in pricing. The owner and his crew came out the next morning early, and had the new system installed in about 2 and a half hours. We are a Ewing customer for life and recommend them to everyone.
5 Star Rating Testimonials7/15/2013 – Brook S. – AC System Replacement Dallas, TX
I have been a long time customer of Ewing AC and many of my friends and family use them too. David replaced my old system in my previous house and did it for less than anyone else would. Then I moved and he has been servicing my current ac system for a couple of years now. He always does more than expected and his pricing is considerably less than other ac guys in my area. I highly recommend them to everyone.
5 Star Rating Testimonials7/14/2013 – Bruce L. – AC Repair Plano, TX
I needed fast AC repair in Plano for my home because it was HOT! I called several different AC guys before I talked to David at Ewing. He seemed like the only one who was being straight with me. He fixed us up fast and made a few adjustments that he didn’t even charge us for. I highly recommend Ewing for all of your air conditioning services. I will be a customer for life!
5 Star Rating Testimonials7/13/2013 – Jennifer K. – AC Repair Plano, TX
Our ac unit in Plano had stopped working. I called around to other companies but David at Ewing was the only one who could come right out. I am so glad we called Ewing. He had everything running again in about a half an hour. Then even gave us a discount on parts and labor that we didn’t expect. We asked him if we just needed to replace the unit and he said no because it wasn’t that old. It just needed normal servicing. David is a great guy and provides great service. I highly recommend Ewing Air Conditioning!
5 Star Rating Testimonials7/13/2013 – drew b. – New AC System Dallas, TX
It’s funny, the review Allison left below is why I decided to call Ewing. My AC froze up too and the company I called came out and added freon for $335. Everything worked great for about 3 weeks, then it quit working again. So I called the guys out again and they replaced the capacitor and recommended I “top off” the freon again. That cost me another $520. Then they wanted me to get a $300 system check and tuneup. So, I got to thinking about how old my system was, 12 years original with the house, and asked them about a new system. For a complete heat pump system 4 ton rheem or trane system, they quoted me $7200 to $8700 depending on the system. So I decided to call Ewing for a quote on the same systems. He told me which system would be best for my home and quoted me $5200 for everything with warranty’s. They came out the next day and it was up and running in a few hours. If I had kept servicing the old system, who knows how much I may have spent on repairs without fixing the real problem. If I had not asked about a new system, I think the other company may have kept charging me for temporary fixes for my heat pump and condenser that were bad, then were planning to charge me around $8000 more for a new system. Personally I would have been happy to hear my system was old and needed to be replaced before I had spent an extra $855, could have been $1155, but lesson learned. If you want someone who will be upfront and honest with you, call David at Ewing AC.
5 Star Rating Testimonials7/1/2013 – Jennifer E. – AC Service Plano, TX
Amazing, friendly, prompt service. Owner of the company thoroughly explained the AC issues and was able to have us back up and running the same day I called. He went out of his way to check both of our units and also gave us an overview of what we can expect in the future. Now, we have an understanding of what we can expect in the future. Would recommend this company to friends and neighbors.
5 Star Rating TestimonialsUpdate – 6/30/2013 – Rudy K. – New AC Unit Dallas, TX
Just did business with Mr. Ewing again and it was just as flawless as before. I’m truly a lifetime customer at this point. We placed a call on a Thursday afternoon after noticing our outside unit went out. Mr. Ewing and his foreman Diego were out on Saturday morning with the replacement unit. Mr. Ewing quoted me a VERY honest price over the phone which I quickly agreed to. All of my friends couldn’t believe how fair and honest the price was. The work was completed in just 4 hours and we couldn’t be happier. This is now the 3rd time I’ve used Mr. Ewing in 3 years and on both of my properties. I continue to recommend Mr. Ewing to many of my friends and they end up agreeing that he is one of the good guys out there. I could not be happier! Thank you Mr. Ewing!!
5 Star Rating Testimonials6/28/2013 – Cannoli C. – AC System Replacement Dallas, TX
I needed my entire system replaced. I got three bids. Ewing’s was the best. Given the price savings, I had no idea the level of service that we would get would be so high. The work was done quickly and CLEANLY. His crew was very professional and courteous. We noticed one of the exchanges was vibrating a couple days after the install, Mr. Ewing came the same day and fixed it. Its rare to have a really positive experience with repairmen/ sub-contractors, but I did here. I would recommend Ewing without reservation.
5 Star Rating Testimonials6/27/2012 –  Rudy K. – Furnace & Coil Replacement Dallas, TX
David Ewing (owner) has saved my bacon twice now in less than a year. First at my old home in McKinney, TX during the summer of 2011. My outside unit and upstairs coil went bad at the same time. Before I knew it I had a $400 electric bill.. I called David Ewing on a Friday and the crew was out the very next day at 10am with the parts!!! Installation was complete in just a few short hours. In no time I had ice cold air again! Most recently, we decided to replace our furnace and coil (installed 1987) at our new house in north Oak Cliff. My home warranty company had sent a guy over that quoted $6298 for parts and labor. To sweeten the deal they were going to knock $1500 off. Not impressed, I called David Ewing (I was going to call Ewing regardless). When I say the guy is amazing I mean the GUY IS AMAZING! Over the phone he quoted me something ridiculously less and said “that is the fair price, not what those other guys quoted.” Oh, and they’re here the next day at 10am WITH PARTS! Amazing! To say the least; this is absolutely stellar customer service.. A guy that quotes HONEST and FAIR prices and comes out the next day??? No wonder he’s been in business for over 30 years. If there were 6 stars I’d give him 6 stars. Hell, if there were 20 stars I’d throw him 20 stars. Keep it up David Ewing!
5 Star Rating Testimonials5/20/2013 – Jason W. – AC Repair & Replacement Plano, TX
Outstanding customer service. My AC was short-cycling and not adequately cooling my house. In an effort to try and save me some time and money, Mr. Ewing walked me through various troubleshooting steps on the phone in an effort to resolve the issue. When we were unable to resolve the issue, we set up an appointment. Mr. Ewing arrived on time. He looked professional and was very friendly. While looking at my AC he explained exactly what he was doing and what he expected see during each step of the process. When he identified the problem, he explained what it was, showed me was happening, and provided several resolution options. As a have a 12-month old baby, he did everything possible to find the replacement part and get installed quickly. Would highly recommend them to anyone in need of work on their heating and AC system.
5 Star Rating Testimonials5/4/2013 – Tara C. – New Rheem AC Unit Allen, TX
Ewing air did a great job for us. Installed a prestige Rheem ac unit for an affordable price. They showed up on time, were very neat put tarps down everywhere they worked and vacuumed the area when they left. Service was fantastic. I would highly recommend them. At the end the owner walked my husband through everything they did and took the time to answer all our questioned and make sure we were happy with the work.
5 Star Rating Testimonials4/22/2013 – C G. – Furnace Replacement Garland, TX
Ewing AC is simply the best HVAC company I have used since I have been in Texas. I called Ewing A/C when my HVAC unit stopped moving air. As it happened, I was talking to the company owner and not an answering service. He told me he and his crew were booked solid for that day and couldn’t make it out. But David took the time on the phone to walk me through a couple simple checks to see if we could spot and fix something simple. As it turned out my furnace was dead. But instead of trying to sell me a service call, furnace AND compressor AND AC etc…. The owner simply gave me a couple straight forward options. They were straight shooters, no lowballing and trash talk about competitors and didn’t try to upsell me. An honest fair quote for a new furnace (to replace the furnace that died after 16 years of service). Finally, service without the BS. His crew actually arrived early to knock the work out. The two guys who showed up were professional, clean, and wasted no time getting the work done. No wonder he’s been in business for over 30 years. I will definitely be using Ewing A/C for all our future HVAC needs. Thanks again guys! This is absolutely the best customer service I have experienced in years. Thanks guys
2 star rating testimonials4/16/2013 – Louis B. Richardson, TX
I called this company based on all the positive reviews. My AC wasn’t blowing cold. The guy I spoke to was friendly enough and very knowledgeable. He knew the model I had. When he realized the age, he said I would have to replace the whole system and quoted me about $5000 for the job. I wanted someone to look at it first but he sounded like they were too busy. That’s understandable given that it was the first warm day of spring (89 degrees). I just wouldn’t have expected them to recommend a complete new install without at least checking my existing system first. I called another company who came and put in a $125 capacitor and that fixed it. It would have been better if they would have said they were too busy and left it at that.
5 Star Rating Testimonials3/29/2013 – Michael W. Dallas, TX
True to form, my heating broke down at the most opportune time. A surprise cold-front in Dallas at the end of March brought the same problem to several people I know, so I am sure the industry has been busy this weekend. When I called Ewing Air and Heating, the owner himself answered the phone! He was able to get me scheduled and had a guy out in short order to repair my heating unit. The repair took less than a half-hour and the costs for repair were very fair. I would definitely recommend this company to others!
5 Star Rating Testimonials3/22/2013 – YeMaya W. Rowlett, TX
I am a very happy camper and I owe it all to Ewing Air Conditioning! My A/C Coil was worn and leaking but I was nervous about the cost to replace. I called Ewing and they put my mind at ease. I felt I was given a really fair price and I’m a stickler on price. The staff was professional and friendly. They did an awesome and thorough job! I will definitely call them for future services. I strongly recommend Ewing Air Conditioning to friends and anyone looking for A/C and heating services.
5 Star Rating Testimonials2/16/2013 – Amber R. Plano, TX
I called in Dec. needing to replace my heat pump, the owner David spent 40 minutes explaining the different types of heat pump systems. He also gave me models numbers for the different system prices he quoted and suggested I research them myself. I called back twice over the next two weeks with more questions and David answered every call himself. I called to schedule the install on Thursday and they came on time the next Monday. The two technicians were at my home for 6 hours installing the complete system (heat pump and air handler). David came during the last 45 minutes to explain the new system, give me instruction manuals and go over warranty information. He was knowledgeable and friendly every time I called. The price was right, the installation went smooth and they cleaned up leaving no mess. Ewing A/C did a great job!
5 Star Rating Testimonials2/4/2013 – James P. Plano, TX
I found Ewing Air Conditioning online after doing some Google searches, and I was really hoping I’d be able to find a quick fix for my furnace problem. I called Ewing and immediately got in touch with David Ewing, the owner. I described my problem, and he was already helping me diagnosis potential issues. One thing I really appreciated about the service I got was how prompt David and his employees were. David was there when he said he would be there within hours, and did not give a four-hour window where you have to sit and wait for forever like so many companies do. After working on the furnace for awhile, it became apparent that there was more wrong with my furnace than I originally hoped. When David suggested that it would be a good idea to consider replacing the entire aging furnace, I was initially skeptical. When I mentioned that I wanted to get a second opinion, David was very friendly and understanding and completely professional. He just told me to give him a call back when I was ready, and that I didn’t owe him anything until the job was done to my satisfaction. After calling around a bit, I found that the price quoted by Ewing was not only competitive, but that it was significantly lower for the product I was receiving. After calling David back the next morning on a Saturday, Ewing’s team was at my house installing the new unit within an hour and a half at no extra charge for working on the weekend or on short notice. They stayed until the job was done at almost 7pm. I couldn’t be happier with how well the furnace is now working, and David even got me a deal on a better unit than originally quoted at the same price. I would highly recommend David and the rest of Ewing Air Conditioning, and I will refer him on to my friends and family without hesitation.
5 Star Rating Testimonials2/2/2013 – Adam W. Richardson, TX
I called Ewing Air Conditioning based on all the positive reviews here on Yelp. I was NOT dissapointed! David (the owner) quickly returned my call and was able to come over quickly, even though it was a Saturday. David diagnosed my problem quickly and was able to make the repair immediately. David was very professional, friendly, knowledgable, and left a very clean work area. I will definitely be calling him again for all my HVAC needs (which will hopefully be few!). I have done business with another company in the past (A#1 Air) and have been dissapointed…as well as ripped-off. Working with Ewing Air is lightyears better and much more affordable.
5 Star Rating Testimonials1/8/2013 – David R. Plano, TX
I called Ewing Air Conditioning because my central heat was out in January. The call went directly to David Ewing, and he quickly walked me through some questions to figure out what was wrong. He was able to accurately diagnose the problem, and even found a way to save me money on the repair! One quick part replacement later, I was back in business, with the heater running great. I’ll be calling Ewing back when the weather gets warm to have them check my AC system. Another dealer put it in, and it has never lived up to it’s promise for electricity savings. David is pretty sure he can figure out why, and after working with him on my heat problem, I trust him to tell me exactly what steps are needed to get it fixed right without wasting time or money.
5 Star Rating Testimonials11/8/2012 – A S. Dallas, TX
Thanks Ewing Air. My heat went out one night when it was cold and Mr Ewing sent someone the next morning. It was fixed that morning! great customer service as well as speedy service!
5 Star Rating Testimonials10/29/2012 – Scott G. Richardson, TX
So my furnace decided to quit working last night on a very chilly night. Needless to say I didn’t have a very comfortable night and was concerned about my family’s warmth! I was expecting the worst. I called Ewing Air Conditioning the next morning to come check out my furnace. They came earlier than expected and fixed my furnace in record timing!!! Cant tell you how happy I am and what a relief it is to know it is fixed for the upcoming cold months. Thanks to David Ewing, Diego and his team at Ewing Air Conditioning.
5 Star Rating Testimonials10/28/2012 – JK B. Sachse, TX
I am not actually a customer of Ewing’s yet, but will be from here on out. This past weekend we had a bit of a cold snap and the heater’s upstairs and down did not seem to be working. I called Ewing and they told me they couldn’t be out until the afternoon as the first cooler weather of the fall had resulted in many service calls. Instead Dave Ewing diagnosed my problem on the phone, in about 5 – 10 mins, and saved me a service call. I really appreciate Dave taking time out of a very busy day to help me. It is this sort of concern he has for his customers (and I ain’t even one yet) which has earned him his great reputation on Yelp.
5 Star Rating Testimonials10/26/2012 – Richard H. Rowlett, TX
Great work ,very pleased.Dave and his crew were very efficient and personable. Honest with fair prices.Would highly recommend.5star rating.
5 Star Rating Testimonials10/26/2012 – Richard W. Fort Worth, TX
Wow – got to say that I am so pleased with the service I received that I couldn’t wait to write this review – Let me start from the beginning…. 2 weeks ago my A/C stopped cooling the house and I checked out Angies list and got an A rated company to come out on an Angies list coupon. They checked everything out and determined that my 15 year old freon using 10 seer unit had a bad cooling coil and a compressor going south and I needed a new unit. PArts were no longer available to patch my old system up. Got a $5400 estimate for a new puron 13 seer unit. Unfortunately I just had some foundation problems requiring $5800 worth of work so I determined I would try to skate by until spring since the heating part was still functional. Well October was still getting pretty hot so I decided to bitethe bullet and see what kind on a deal I could get. After searching Angie’s list for a deal on a new repacement and getting comparable quotes, I decide to do a local internet search and found Ewing A/C with multiple 5 star ratings on several sites and with the unbelievable prices quoted, I decided to give them a call. Figuring it was after hours and I’d get the standard answering machine greeting to leave a message, I was surprised to find David Ewing, the owner promptly picking up on the other end. I told David my dilemma and after he asked me a few questions and confirmed that he covers the DFW metroplex, he gave me a super price of $4000 for everything for a new 13 seer Rheem Puron system with 10 years parts and compressor and 2 years labor (not the usual 1 year). And said he could have his team out in the morning to install. They came out the next morning as promised and the 2 installers were very professional and answered all my questions and made sure to protect my flooring with cloth coverings. They were also very careful to remove and replace the inside unit up in my attic which was a very narrow area to work with. I was worried about something that heavy getting away from them and damaging woodwork or walls but they handled it perfectly. David came out for awhile in the afternoon to check on things and make sure we were happy (David is the kind of guy you meet and you feel like you have known him all your life). David also allowed me to pay with a credit card and didn’t charge me the 3% a lot of the other guys charge. David’s team finished up right at dark and cleaned up everything and wanted to make sure all was nice and tidy when they were done and we were back in business. Units look great and nice and level and they even put in a new concrete slab for the outside unit. I mean, it just can’t get any better than this. I’ve had a lot of great service providers on Angie’s list but I have to put these guys at the top so I am adding them to Angies list. Also when you go to their website, the 3 guys pictured are the ones you get. Permanent employees and not contract guys. ANd believe me, they want you happy…..
5 Star Rating Testimonials9/8/2012 – Theo J. Plano, TX
My wife gave me a call at work and told me the A/C wasn’t working (it was 103 outside). I Googled a couple of companies in the neighborhood and Ewing came up. When I called it was after 7pm and I was expecting to get an answering machine. Dave answered and told me what the problem might be and scheduled to come out the next morning (Saturday). When he arrived to my house, he was very professional and fixed the unit in no time. While he was working on it, he educated me about the different A/C systems and explained what could have caused the problem. He was very courteous and was a good example of how a business should be run. I will definitely use Ewing again.
5 Star Rating Testimonials9/7/2012 – Jeff H. Garland, TX
I called a local A/C company and was told I had a blown compressor and they could replace it for $1300. I thought that was high since it was an old unit and called David Ewing for a second opinion. (Great guy)..He told me he could install a brand new whole Rheem unit for a couple hundred more. He came himself with his crew and had me up and running in a few hours. I would recommend him to anyone. Excellent job and professional, no hassle timely installation.
5 Star Rating Testimonials8/8/2012 – Robert J. Rockwall, TX
Everyone has, or has heard, stories of AC service nightmares. Ewing Air Conditioning is the exception to this rule. When my 15 year old AC unit in Rowlett gave up I did what every smart homeowner does, I called a number of companies to get estimates. The estimates I got from these companies were all over the place for the same thing, all of them I believed were far too high. Some got testy when I asked why theirs was so much higher or asked them to break down their pricing so I could understand where the total was coming from. Some seemed annoyed when I asked a number of questions about the equipment they were trying to sell me. Well sorry to bother you, but when I’m going to spend that kind of money on a new unit I’ll be stuck with for the next decade + you better believe I’m going to find out exactly what I’m getting. Frustrated, a neighbor told me about Ewing AC and how they just had their unit replaced, and unlike all the other AC companies they talked to Ewing didn’t try to sell them a bunch of stuff they didn’t need or want. An actual honest AC company, who’d have thought. I called late in the evening and the owner, David Ewing, showed up the next morning. I learned things about HVAC equipment I never even considered before as we went through all the different equipment to find the perfect one for my home. What’s more he was excited to tell me, not annoyed like the others. It inspired a great deal of confidence. When he gave me his estimate I was even more shocked, it was considerably less than the competitors. I’d have to of been crazy to go with anyone else for this job. Less than 24 hours after my first call I had a new system in and running and my home has never been more comfortable. You owe it to yourself to give Ewing a call if you want the best at the best price. You’ll be impressed, I know I was!
1 star rating testimonials8/3/2012 – Food G. Dallas, TX
I can’t comment on his work as he never did any. Showed up as agreed for initial consult. Seemed like a nice enough guy. Downhill from there. We spoke via phone five or six times (literally – me calling him each time), and each time he was just minutes away from faxing me his bid. He went through it verbally so had obviously prepared it. Odd.. After the five or six calls I decided it was ridiculous I was wasting my time, as the customer, chasing him. I texted him and told him not to show up to do the work the next day. No reply. Not professional.
5 Star Rating Testimonials6/27/2012 – Rudy K. Dallas, TX
David Ewing (owner) has saved my bacon twice now in less than a year. First at my old home in McKinney, TX during the summer of 2011. My outside unit and upstairs coil went bad at the same time. Before I knew it I had a $400 electric bill.. I called David Ewing on a Friday and the crew was out the very next day at 10am with the parts!!! Installation was complete in just a few short hours. In no time I had ice cold air again! Most recently, we decided to replace our furnace and coil (installed 1987) at our new house in north Oak Cliff. My home warranty company had sent a guy over that quoted $6298 for parts and labor. To sweeten the deal they were going to knock $1500 off. Not impressed, I called David Ewing (I was going to call Ewing regardless). When I say the guy is amazing I mean the GUY IS AMAZING! Over the phone he quoted me something ridiculously less and said “that is the fair price, not what those other guys quoted.” Oh, and they’re here the next day at 10am WITH PARTS! Amazing! To say the least; this is absolutely stellar customer service.. A guy that quotes HONEST and FAIR prices and comes out the next day??? No wonder he’s been in business for over 30 years. If there were 6 stars I’d give him 6 stars. Hell, if there were 20 stars I’d throw him 20 stars. Keep it up David Ewing!
5 Star Rating Testimonials8/6/2011 – M.L. Garland, TX
Excellent service! We had a problem with our A/C: one unit stopped coming on. Called Ewing, arranged an appointment, and even though they were busy they came out and fixed the unit quickly! Mr Ewing expertly assessed the problem, it was relatively minor, and repaired in about an hour! Quick, friendly service! Professional and knowledgable! I have a new AC contractor for life. I will recommend Ewing to my clostest friends and family!
5 Star Rating Testimonials8/25/2011 – Nick M. Wylie, TX
Ewing AC was the best HVAC company we have ever used since we have been in the Dallas Area. We got their name from our neighbor who used them for repair a few weeks before and liked them because they were straight shooters and didn’t try to sell us a bunch of upsells like most of the little shops do. Our problem was even fixed the same day we called and done right. I will definitely be referring Ewing A/C for all our future HVAC needs. Thanks again guys!
5 Star Rating Testimonials6/25/2011 – William H. Allen, TX
Whenever I purchase products or services I want to be as informed as possible to ensure that I have something that fits my exact needs. so when the air condition system in my mothers home went out, I immediately went searching for an HVAC company that could help us in diagnosing and repairing the issue. I first did a search on my HOA’s message forum online. I read a few recommendations and google searched each one for additional information. That’s where I found Ewing Air Conditioning. I called up Mr. Ewing and he was immediately troubleshooting with me over the phone. It was late in the day, so he wasn’t able to make it to the house. He did promise to be there first thing in the morning the next day, and he was there right at 8am like he promised. After about 10 minutes of troubleshooting the AC not cooling, he replaced the AC blower motor cap. Our blower motor was not functioning, hence no air circulating through the house. The blower motor kicked back on and you could tell the house was cooling almost immediately. He did advise that if the blower motor was still in good condition, it should last another 6-8 years (the unit is already 9 years old). If the blower motor happened to go out and we needed to replace it, he would credit the repairs he performed already to ensure that we spend as little as possible. That right there is the mark of a true businessman that takes care of his customers. David is not in it for the quick buck, rather he’s building relationships for a lifetime. This is a man I can trust and feel safe in recommending to my friends, family, and neighbors.

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