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What’s that Burning Smell when the Heater Turns On?

What’s that Burning Smell when the Heater Turns On?

dev 2January 14, 2020No Comments 

I smell something burning when I turn on my heater for the first time this season.  Is there anything to worry about?

We do not turn on our heaters in Allen, TX nearly as often as our A/C system, yet we most definitely experience serious cold weather for a couple of months of the year that calls for running our heating unit.

While this short article will probably comfort you in that there is not a threat of fire from that burning smellyou are experiencing, it would certainly be reckless for me to encourage you not to have it checked out … specifically if you have a gas heating system which uses an open fire.

It is most likely that the scent from your main furnace is triggered by dust, dirt, pet dander and so on that has actually gathered on the internal surface areas of your heating system and is currently being burnt off by your heater. While this is unpleasant to take in, as well as an indicator your heater requires a cleansing, it is probably not likely to trigger a fire.

When the Burning Smell is Accompanied by Smoke

firetruck photo

Photo by _TC Photography_ 

That stated, if you see or scent smoke– remove every person from the house and call 911.

You must never ever see smoke originating from your vents, attic room, or honestly anything related to your heating unit whether it’s a heat pump, gas heater, or electrical heating system.

If you have actually ever before scented the distinctive smell of something electric burning, and that’s the smell you’re experiencing — shut off your system instantly and also call your home heating and A/C firm to inspect the system. Burning electric scents are normally connected with damaged electric motors. It is very important to change defective electric motors and also circuitry prior to damages that could be done to various other elements.

Regarding System Maintenance:

You ought to have your heater checked out and cleaned up prior to using it each year, just as you must prior to you switching back to A/C each season.

Pre-season maintenance and cleaning will certainly stop this smell, due to the fact that your system will be cleared of any kind of dirt, dander to burn off when you turn up that heating unit. Second of all, challenges like malfunctioning electric motors, capacitors, circuitry, and so on will be recognized and fixed before there is any kind of danger of additional damages or fire!

The bright side is, if there is no indicator of smoke, or distinctive electric burning odor, you are possibly not in jeopardy and your home should not be at risk. Nevertheless, you and others in the home are inhaling some potentially unpleasant particles, so have a cleansing done!

Another Aspect of your Heating System to Consider

Air Duct Sealing and How it Helps

duct work photo

Photo by jackiebese 

Your ducts are an integral part of your house heating and cooling system. They are the means by which your system disperses the conditioned air throughout your home. It may surprise you to know that between 20 to 30 percent of the air circulating through your air duct system is misdirected because of leakages and openings? This could have a substantial influence on both the comfort level of your home and the expense involved with running the system.

Advantages of Air Duct Sealing

An air duct system that is correctly secured will create a comfortable atmosphere in your home, it could likewise aid with power effectiveness and efficiency. Here are some of the advantages of air duct sealing:

Enhances the Comfort of your Home

family room photo

Photo by Vegan Feast Catering 

A sealed and insulated air duct system will improve the level of comfort in your home in that you will no longer experience cold and hot spots where rooms are unevenly heated or cooled.

Enhances Security

Gas home appliances like heating systems, hot water heater, or clothing dryers will vent gases such as carbon monoxide normally. If you have leakages in your duct work, this could trigger a back draft, which pulls these gases right into your house as opposed to venting it outside, as it should be. Sealing your air ducts will eliminate this risk by reducing the danger of having these gases enter your residence.

Enhances Indoor Air Quality

There are a variety of toxins, chemicals, particles, other irritants that could enter your residence from outside or with house chemicals and cleansers. When you seal your air ducts, you are minimizing the danger that these contaminants will bleed through the air duct systems and distribute themselves throughout your residence.

Saves Money

By sealing the leakages in your duct work, your HVAC system will run a lot more successfully. This means significant financial savings on your power costs! In addition, it helps you maintain a pleasant comfort level in your home.







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