Which Heating System does your Home Require?

There’s no absolutely correct answer to that question, much like when purchasing any appliance. Several factors must be taken into account to determine what sort of heating system would be most appropriate for your home.

1: Environment

The single biggest factor in the heat pump versus furnace dispute, is your home climate. If you’re completely new to your area, there are climate maps that will reflect prevailing climate conditions. Generally speaking, Where the winters are harsh you’ll fare much better with a furnace, and where the winters are more moderate, heat pumps will serve you best. In Wylie, TX winters can be mild, but will have their truly chilly days.  If there are any questions about which system you need, our professionals at Ewing Air Conditioning and Heating can steer you in the right direction.

2: Efficiency

No matter what winter climate is normal in your home state, energy efficiency should be one of your primary concerns. Carefully compare efficiency rating and cost of the heating systems you’re considering. Since heating constitutes as much as 45% of your utility expense it won’t take any time at all to realize monthly energy savings that will pay for your system if you maximize energy efficiency.

3: Fuel Accessibility

Fuel may be a factor. System fuel options can include oil, gas, propane, or electric, depending on the region you live in, and prices for any of those are far from static. Weigh your choices taking into account the particulars of availability, seasonal differences, and regional prevalence to determine the best option from a cost standpoint that may affect your selection.

4: Home Age & Structure

The type of system currently installed will affect your decision. Existing radiator pipes or duct work my need modification if you change the type of system you heat your home with, resulting in potentially high materials & labor costs to make the changes, and even require extensive modification to your home itself. Research will need to be conducted to determine if the investment is cost effective. Geothermal can be especially challenging, even if you have the required duct work, since extensive ground space may be required, depending on soil type.

5: Cost

You might really want a zoned, geothermal system, or a boiler over a furnace, but financially those alternatives may not be viable. Fortunately, there are many economical home heating options, and your friendly Ewing Air professional can help you make the best decision to suit your home and household’s requirements.

Heating System still Confusing?

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