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Cut Your A/C Costs with this Simple but Genius Trick

This Simple Setting will Save you Air Conditioning Costs

This technique will help cut air-conditioning expenses in this insane heat. Are you roasting in Wylie, TX  right now? Even though the urge to turn down the temp on your air conditioning is strong, we all know what that will do to our budget. For those of us fortunate to have this option on their system, an A/C set to DRY makes the room feel much cooler while using only half the power. The DRY setting reduces the humidity from the air, runs the compressor at a lowered speed and makes the room feel much more comfortable! You’ll find a huge reduction in cost compared to running your system at the COOL setting and you won’t need to lower the temperature on your system to get there. Keep in mind, running your air conditioner lower than 75 degrees will use 10X the power for each degree.

What Exactly IS Dry Mode?


Utilizing the Dry Mode

Air conditioners are really practical devices, especially when the temperature levels are high. When it’s cold, you can put on more clothes, however, there’s only so much you can do when it’s overly warm. An excellent air conditioning system is essential to keep your home livable and cool during the hotter months. Few people realize the benefits of using the DRY mode on their systems, if it’s an available feature.

Exactly what does dry mode do?

Often confused with COOL mode, DRY mode doesn’t feel very different in many regards. Actually, they are very different in terms of function and outcome. Your system remote will depict DRY mode as a water drop, while COOL mode is typically represented with a snowflake. Unfortunately, the DRY function is not a typical feature of all A/C units. You’ll find it primarily on central air systems or window units. Ultimately, the function of DRY mode is to reduce humidity in the air. Humidity translates to higher temperatures, so lowering the humidity will actually make the room feel cooler. Consequently, the DRY function is especially helpful during the rainy season, when humidity is at it’s highest, making you feel muggy, warm, and uncomfortable. While the temperature may not feel it warrants turning on the air conditioner, using the DRY mode will help tremendously. It won’t completely eliminate all moisture from the air, but reduces it significantly, subsequently making the room feel cooler and more comfortable.

The mechanics of dry mode

When the air conditioner is functioning in DRY mode, the fan and other internal elements of the system will be running, but no cold air will be blown out. As the unit operates in DRY mode, air will be drawn through the system where water vapor condenses on the evaporator. The dry air will then exit the unit and flow back into the space, operating in a very similar fashion as a dehumidifier.

  A dehumidifier actually will provide the same effect, especially if you’re cooling a larger space. They can be purchased at any home improvement or hardware store and will be more effective at removing moisture. Assuming that the thermostat is set to 77 degrees and that the humidity in the space is about 90%, the air conditioner will decrease humidity till the temperature is 77 degrees in that room. When the aircon is switched on, the fan will begin running to suck in the air and the compressor cuts in to help with the condensation of the humidity. Once the target temp is reached, the fan and compressor will cease operating until humidity levels cause the temperature to register higher than the target, at which point the cycle will repeat.

DRY or COOL: which is best?

COOL mode’s functionality is very similar to DRY mode, in that when the temperature reaches the target the compressor will stop running but the fan will continue. Humidity will continue to rise until it affects the temperature beyond the target. In DRY mode, the focus is on the humidity level, with a goal of maintaining a 60% relative humidity. Benefits of using dry mode include:

  • Significantly decreasing moisture levels in the space
  • Preserving comfortable temperature levels without truly cooling
  • Enhanced energy efficiency

Saving on Air Conditioning Costs without a DRY mode

Dry mode does not truly cool the space like COOL setting. The cooling effect comes from the removal of excess moisture, not that the unit is in fact cooling the space. You will however feel the room remains in fact cooler and more comfy. By using the dry function of your air conditioning system you will be investing less money on energy costs. It is actually an effective way of keeping the temperatures comfortable while saving you money. Remember, if your system doesn’t have this setting, investing in a dehumidifier will offer many of the same benefits. —————————————————————— ABOUT EWING AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING Specializing in Air Conditioning & Heating Repair and Installation for Wylie, Texas and surrounding areas for over 30 years, we have made our primary focus the complete satisfaction of every customer. We’re a company you can trust. Call us today! (972) 693-2343

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