Home and Commercial HVAC Myths

Homeowners and commercial property owners share concern over their heating and air conditioning efficiency and the comfort they provide. To find the answers they need, they often source the same resources we access on the internet. However, not everything on the web is accurate and many fall victim to some prevalent HVAC Myths that can guide them in the wrong direction. Inaccuracies can lead to huge problems, so it’s vitally important you understand the facts.

HVAC Myths

Here is the truth behind the common HVAC myths, so you can manage your systems properly:

You’ll Save Money by Buying Energy Efficient Units

While it holds true that energy-efficient units can conserve your money long term, think about other elements. This consists of picking the appropriate size unit for your residence. A small system will work harder than it should to regulate your indoor temperature level, while a large system will create excess, wasted cooling and turn off too soon, prior to regulating humidity. Both scenarios increase your cost and waste energy.

Changing the Temperature of Your A/C System Doesn’t Do Anything

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Adjusting your temperature during winter months as well as summer can actually decrease your energy expenses. Even a small amount of time of doing this could make a large distinction, specifically when you’re out all day or when you’re sleeping. Think about setting up programmable thermostats to automate the readjustment of the temperatures in accordance with your routine.

Turning Up Your Thermostats Could Heat Your House Faster

The temperature that you set your system to has no relation to the speed at which it changes the temperature. Adjusting it to 90 degrees will certainly not help your areas warm to 70 degrees any faster. You’ll just end up using a lot more energy than you actually need.

Air Conditioners Are Only Excellent for Cooling Your Home

False. ACs also address the humidity in your home, minimizing it. Some even come with a drying function to prevent indoor air from feeling warmer.

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